The Bastiat Institute is proud to announce the launch of our new publishing site. We promote free-market economics in all its forms through our network, which includes over 100,000 social media “likes” and “follows” from the US, Brazil, Vietnam, and dozens of other countries. Our focus on will be to publish Bastiat works and material relevant to the tradition, as well as insightful commentary by leading Austrian economists.  We’ll also be working with to release the Bastiat Collection, a series of 25 classic works that will feature original forwards.

The Institute was recently joined by acclaimed economist Robert Murphy and is recruiting other top econ pros to join our ranks. We hope to contribute in ways both seen and unseen to the growing renaissance of economic and libertarian thought that is sweeping the globe. After all, someone has to stand up against the candlemakers!

If you’re interested in writing for The Bastiat Institute, please complete this application and we’ll be in touch.

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